About Us

Jamal Edwards


 Jamal Edwards is a sexy, open-minded professional who’s lived an open and exciting sex life for decades. He’s a top corporate attorney, ordained Baptist minister, entrepreneur, and former healthcare CEO.

Jamal has spoken frequently on sexuality, spirituality, and healthcare. He’s been a contributor and regular guest at several lifestyle events and resorts, including Exxxotica, Naughty-N-Nawlins and Hedonism II.

His work has been featured in many publications, including the NY Times, Chicago Tribune, NY Post, and Crain’s Chicago Business, who named him to its coveted top 40-under-40 list in 2011. Jamal also carried the Olympic torch in 1996.

Jamal is sexually-fluid and has had several swinger and poly relationships. He’s also a nudist, ethical pervert, exhibitionist, leather-daddy, and Dominant/switch, who enjoys bondage and impact play, especially outdoors or using all of the elements of nature.

A quintessential Renaissance man, Jamal is also an amateur chef and photographer, pianist, connoisseur of fine whiskeys, yacht captain, avid biker, medaled swimmer and tennis player, fitness coach, and an inspiring spiritual teacher and writer. 

Jamal is also a full-time single-dad, who was named one of Chicago’s Best Dressed Men in 2017. He’s recently single, and just moved to Austin, Texas! 

Rick “PolyRick” Broider


 Rick “PolyRick” Broider is an entrepreneur, open life coach, and ethical pervert who once lived as a straight-laced family man. 

After 20 years of monogamous married life, he turned his personal passions to kink and ethical non-monogamy while raising his 4 sons as a single father. Nowadays, he travels the world as a polyamorous, kinky sex educator.

Both a military and business veteran, PolyRick’s experiential diversity comes from his abundant and widely varied personal and professional background (MMA fighter/trainer, state law enforcement officer, adult vacation party host, etc).

He has worked with a fantasy-for-hire service for years, helping hundreds of ethical perverts around the world bring their deepest desires and fantasies to life. PolyRick is known for his dynamic, intimate and highly creative scenes that bridge the gaps between fetish performance, fantasy, reality and exhibitionism.

While many of PolyRick’s seminars, workshops and live demos focus on helping new and practicing perverts successfully navigate the Lifestyle, his SwinkLife” educational series caters to the taboos of power exchange and sexy rough body play, with a strong focus on safety, fulfillment and enthusiastic and informed consent.

As a part time actor and avid supporter of freedom-of-choice issues, PolyRick has made several on-screen and radio appearances on internationally syndicated programs and documentaries (NPR, “Wife Swap” and “America’s Toughest Jobs).